Games for Windows 95/98 and NT

All games listed here are developed by us for the public as a hobby. Some have been finished and are now sold by a publisher as Shareware, Budgetsoftware or spread all over the world as Freeware. Others are in the works and will be finished soon, the idea didn't satisfy us or caused too much problems so that we stopped development.

completed - Freeware and Shareware not finished yet - Alpha and Betaversions


Games for MS-DOS

The games listed here have been developed by us some time ago. Some have been finished and are now Freeware or sold by a publisher as Shareware/Budgetsoftware. One game has never been finished as it caused too much problems with DOS and Turbo Pascal bugs so that we stopped the development.
Some of the games may need
DOS4GW.EXE to run on your computer - it's not included in every game ZIP to keep the downloads smaller.

completed - Freeware and Shareware never finished - Alphaversion


Games for other Operating Systems

These games are old ... The games made for Atari ST were our first programming steps, although not bad compared to other games of that time - some were Public Domain, some were even published as commercial games.
Games for the Atari Falcon followed and then we jumped on the PC bandwagon (as you can see above).
Terroid for Linux was done with the help of Michael Thayer who was working with us for some time.
Pairs and other Amigagames (not listed here) were developed by Tobias Lenz who was working with us for some time.

completed - Shareware and Freeware