The Worm
  • Your have to move a little worm through levels, eating all apples apearing and trying to avoid the bad monsters running around, trying to catch you.
  • The game has 99 levels with three different scenarios and MIDI-musics.
  • With the level-editor you can build your own levels and include selfmade backgrounds.
  • You may play the game alone through all 99 levels or in a multiplayer-battle with up to four players (if two joysticks are connected).
  • Network-gaming is supported in the full-version.
  • Single-Player-Game has three different difficulties for all of you out there who can't control your fingers fast enough.
  • English and german language is supported and detected automatically.
  • The game is running only with Win95/98 or NT and Direct X 3.0 (or better).

SharePlay 4/97 - "Spass im Büro"

Download the Shareware demoversion (578 KB)


Enemy action - standard worms

Space worms

Crash worms

Multiplayer worms

Title Screen