• This is a classic-style 2D-sidescrolling Shoot'em Up for Windows 95/98 or NT, DOS and Linux.
  • You are flying a fighter in outer space and have to shoot your way through the defenses of planet Xrima to free your race, which was taken to slavery by the Xrimians.
  • 9 levels filled with action, explosions and enemies.
  • 2 3D-bonusgames
  • The game features completely raytraced enemy grafix and some minutes of rendered films,
  • Multilevel-parallax-scrolling with ground, platforms, enemies and clouds/meteorites,
  • Hundreds of different enemies,
  • Extras (like shild, smartbomb) and different weapons (like laser, rockets, VX-shot, mines) to equip your fighter.
  • Full-version also includes training-mode with intelligent level-generation for endless blasting-action.

SharePlay 6/97 - "Materialschlacht im All", "fantastische 3D-Grafik mit vielen Effekten"

Download the Shareware demoversion for Windows (1,78 MB)

Download the Shareware demoversion for DOS (1,22 MB)

Download the full game for Linux (special website)


Fly through space

Enter the orbit of Xrima

Blast your way through the surface defense

Destroy the capital city and their big fortresses

Monsters of all kinds

Endless training game

Under fire

Big enemies