Knuddel's Quest
  • Knuddel was captured by the bad aliens. Now it is the right moment to escape! You must run with the little 'Knuddel' through all the levels and find the exit. Use items, switches and avoid the bad aliens ...
  • It's not easy to find the way out through all these little quests!
  • This is the PC 1997-version of our first shareware-game for the Atari ST.
  • 100 different levels must be solved in the full-version of the game.
  • The level have many different things to explore like usable-items, buttons, monsters ...
  • Your game-position will be saved automatically every level.
  • The game has completely rendered graphics in SVGA.
  • There is MIDI-music and sound-effects everywhere in the game.
  • The leveleditor is included in the full version!
  • English and german language supported!
  • You must have Windows 95/98 or NT and Direct X 3.0 installed on your computer ...

Download the Shareware demoversion (1,78 MB)


Find your way through the woods!

Use keys

Think twice

Bomb away the aliens ...