This tutorial will show you how easy it is to create your own special Live Wallpaper using HTML/Javascript.
Although you can do this completely on your Android I recommend to use a computer with keyboard for easier typing!

  1. First open a text editor like notepad. Then type: "Hello World!" (without the "") Save the file as wallpaper.html.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer with USB. A nice and easy alternative is to use Dropbox on your computer and phone. Transfer wallpaper.html to your sdcard.
  3. Open WebLiveWallpaper settings. Goto <New> and select Enter URL. Type: "file:///sdcard/wallpaper.html" (again without the "").
  4. Check the view and advanced settings are all disabled/default.
  5. Leave WebLiveWallpaper Settings and watch your fresh wallpaper!
  6. Now try to use a more complex Javascript instead of the simple HTML above ... something like this: largeclock.html (right click to download and save file)
  7. Transfer the file to your sdcard and enter the file url. Now you got your own animated clock on your background.
  8. Learn more javascript than I know :)